Growth Track


Whether you are new to the church or a regular member or attender, Growth track classes are designed to kickstart your spiritual growth and get you plugged in.

Providing clear and simple material that will challenge you to go farther faster in your faith

These classes take place in 4 steps

1 to know god
2 to grow with your church
3 to discover your purpose
4. to make a difference

For more information you can connect with one of our staff or leaders in the front foyer after service

Here at abundant life its our goal to get you to become a more devoted follower of Christ.

The way we are doing that is through our growth track which is a series of classes that begin on the first Sunday of the month

On the first Sunday of each month is called membership 101 this class is a basic introduction to the ministries of abundant Life and if you are ready take you through the steps of church membership

On the 2nd Sunday of the month we on the second Sunday of each month is a class called a essentials 201 in this class will lead you through the essential believes in habits that every Christian should know

On the third Sunday of each month is a classical discovery 301 in this class we’ll help you to discover how God has giving you specific gifts and talents for a specific role in ministry

On the fourth Sunday of the month is a class called dream team 401. Here you’ll attend an orientation or training in the ministry of your choice and the growth track is complete when
you’ve joined a ministry

Well we would love for you to take and enjoy all the classes in order we understand that life happens. Feel free to complete the classes at anytime and take as long as you need we just want
to help you have all the tools in your hands to be a fully devoted follower of Christ and an integral part of abundant life


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