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Men's Ministry

Men of Iron

Welcome to the Men of Iron Men’s Ministry of Abundant Life Christian Center! I am excited at all of the possibilities God has placed in the men of the church. Through this ministry, you will be stirred to complete everything He has placed in your heart to do. My prayer is that your family will grow, that you will find favor on your job and that every dream God has given you will happen. Maintaining a strong walk with the Lord and believing what the Bible says accomplishes these things. Faith and faithfulness make things happen in Christ!

The future is bright for the Men of Iron. I know you will do your part to get involved in the church. When we all do our part, the Kingdom of God expands. Let’s all do what we can to grow spiritually and become Godly leaders in all walks of life.


Pastor Walter Hallam


The Men’s Leadership Team sets monthly events in place. Activities such as dinners with Pastor Hallam, golfing, fishing, etc. are planned to provide times to talk and build relationship with the men of the church. These events are great father-son times and also opportunities to bring a friend and introduce them to ALCC.

Announcements are made during church services about the upcoming activities. There will also be printed information in the church bulletin, and the Information Booth in the main foyer will provide dates and times for the events. If you would like to receive emails about what is coming up next, please email the church at the Contact Us tab in the above menu.

Be a God-Dreamer
by Pastor Hallam

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

To be a God-dreamer you must build faith in your life. Faith is the substance of DREAMS. God places dreams in the heart of every Christian and provides a foundation to build them on and work toward them. This foundation is called faith. The faith foundation becomes the one thing we can hold onto during all seasons of life and know that we can accomplish the dreams within us.

What is your faith level? Is there a solid or a cracked foundation? If it is cracked, fill in the weak areas, strengthen it and start building. If it is strong, continue building now!

Every dream in your heart can be realized. It just takes faith and action. So, be a God-dreamer and gain the goodness of God in your dreams.


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